Features of dynamic firmware analysis using an emulator - "SMARTRHINO-2019"

Pavel Rusanov

Why do we need dynamic analysis? When is it justified? How to use a a multi-architecture hardware emulator for dynamic code analysis? The master class will start from simple examples with processing device memory and move on to unpacking and spoofing code.


April 18, 2019

Native code emulation, or what to do if you want to debug without a device — DEF CON Nizhny Novgorod

Vladimir Davydov, Pavel Rusanov

The report covers some aspects of emulation and features of firmware debugging firmware. Kopycat, a tool for native code emulation, and a short description of its architecture and capabilities will be presented to the audience. There will be a demonstration of the launch and study of the firmware of a test device.

Defcon NN

February 16, 2019

Development of a multi-architecture hardware emulation software "Kopycat" for complex computing systems — Forum "Microelectronica"

Alexey Gladkikh

In this report, the audience will be presented with Kopycat, a software emulator. It will also be told about its architecture and capabilities for solving some problems of reverse engineers.

Forum "Microelectronica"

October 4, 2018